jueves, 22 de enero de 2009


¿Como te encuentras?
In Bruxelles, it's some beers' fault. with lodocop

¿Que piensas cuando escribes tu nombre?
Drunk / fun, fun, fun, more! / i used to be better when i didnt knowwhat i was doing. i stop

> Los trenes, ¿te gustan por su tamaño? porque?>
Yes they are big!! but this is one of the feelings when you paint your first trains, then you start thinking only about the fact thatthey move around from here to there and sometimes they come back here!you feel free, because you feel fear, and it's nice to hang in strangebig places that you normally wouldn't see. it's amazing to be thereinfront of this big thing that wants you but his owners dont want youto be there, like when you date a girl and her father hates you.drama, and then you try to fuck him by getting her anyway...and then it runs, somebody sees it, at the beginning it's moreromantic because you don't car of where the train goes, he just goes,far away maybe, like if you are actually going on a journey... >

El futuro de la humanidad, ¿Es importante para ti y tus dibujos? ¿Que opinas del futuro?>

News from the future: we are fucked.it's very important, i can't think of my graffiti without a stupidsmart sentence next to a piece, that either disturbs you, makes youlaugh or think about something more important than the drawing itself.negative about the present(suckssssssss), positive for the future.

> ¿Que significa el graffiti para ti y que politica sexual sigues?>
Million$ question. let's try: graffiti made it possible for me to grow up in a certain way. don't know if it's good or bad. or both.the more you fuck with graffiti, the more graffiti will fuck you.leave the girl alone sometimes, take time for other things...then youwill also do better and interesting graffiti. hop on and off thegraffiti bus with new shopping bags with you and the journey will bemuch nicer!

>¿ Sexo y graffiti, es lo mismo?>
Cabron! graffiti is daily masturbation, sex is nice because you know who you are communicating with. graffiti is like fucking a whole on a wall but you don't see the person on the other side! you know this pornmovies website?? cultura general !

> ¿Con que mano te masturbas?>
Sinistra! ma sono destro! me encanta la tension del perigulo

>¿ Pintas solo normalmente o acompañado?
> Solo, con brad pitt y mi amigo immaginario di nome fluffy. sometimes with people who visit me.

>¿ Cual es la idea principal que quieres transmitir cuando pintas?>
I don't have any principle or goal, it' s a personal research of creating something that keeps your mind busy since long time. maybe the results transmit something about me, who i was what i am and where i am trying to go. some people prefer to read cosmetic magazines instead of this

> El arte comtenporaneo, ¿Que opinas?
> Contemporary art is full of interesting work but horrible mechanisms. i' m very divided between the very attracting esthetics and possible meanings, but i really really hate how it has been merchandised lately bu the fashion industry. everybody knows contemporary artists, but mainly because they appear on nike shoes or on stussy t-shirts. but again, thanks to this artists get money to make more beautiful art. 666>

>¿ Fumas y te alcoholizas?,¿ Por que?
> No smoke, drink yes. bored maybe? or trying to free sides of me that normally my brain doesn't allow to come out to the real world...

>¿Cual es el secreto de tu belleza?
> I regularly go to hot springs in toscana and smash fresh eggs on my hair

> ¿ Crees en el amor? de que manera?, cosmica?
> I love nature more than anything else, cosmic wonder, galaxies, space is the place, each time you masturbate you kill a lot of kids from the future! stop that, in the name of love! love is good and bad mixed together, taken to a balance.

Roger(CATS) y Oboe. Shangai ?

> ¿ Crees que las guerras es algo innato en el ser humano?
>I don't support war in any way, but everyone has its own wars to fight, and sometimes win. starting with ourselves, our brains, our dream and our incapacities. and if we look "back" into nature, it' s a daily war for every element present on this planet, for animals to survive against their habitats, for plants not dry off or get enough sun. a war is each personal try to get better or better circumstances for yourself.

> ¿ Como llamas a tu cazzo? Alanito?
> Denis the penis

> ¿Que tipo de musica te gusta,?
> Jazz, electronic, rap, african bamboo. anything done with the heart and searching for the cosmic truth. hello sun ra .

> ¿ Te gusta la velocidad?
> Yes!! this planet moves the whole time, never stop or you' ll get in trouble! but beeing to fast it not always good.

> ¿ Y las drogas? te inspiran? que es lo que te inspira?
> I never did drugs, not even nicotin. they don't inspire me at the moment, but maybe i live in a mdma trip since my birth.

> ¿ Tienes mas amigos o amigas?
> amigas, but the closest friends are mostly chichos

> ¿ Pintarias un tren con el Pelucas o algun Toy similare?.(no vale insultar).
> Estamos todos de toys, 4everho fatto una tag con mia mamma. y un treno con una chica che nnaveva mai fatto un graffito prima

> Por ultimo: pon lo que te salga del culo y sigue asi.> gracias pelucas, tienes mi benediction amen


Travesia de Vigo. 2009

miércoles, 21 de enero de 2009

TAK. Travesia de Vigo. 2009

Coia. Vigo.2008

martes, 20 de enero de 2009

lunes, 19 de enero de 2009

domingo, 18 de enero de 2009

KABRA .Parte trasera del ayuntamiento. Vigo.2009
Plasencia 2007

Centro social. Milan 2007
pueblo perdido de la estepa castellana. 2007

Caceres. 2007

Offigina, mon amour? Milan 2007

sábado, 17 de enero de 2009

viernes, 16 de enero de 2009

jueves, 15 de enero de 2009

RUP,R. Betanzos. 2007. Foto cortesia del artista.

miércoles, 14 de enero de 2009

Orejudo, Masso. Bueu.2003

c/ Venezuela , Vigo 1998

martes, 13 de enero de 2009

De Koleo Para Pels. Paris 2006

Detalle Graffiti Plasencia.

Monteporreiro, Pontevedra.

El Lagares, Vigo

Dos fresones,calle paralela a la avda de Madrid, Vigo

martes, 6 de enero de 2009

Wiche. Plasencia 05. Mas puro que nadie.


Una foto con el autentico Rossi de Malossi. Una Grandeza artistica en todos sus sentidos. La Laguna 03

domingo, 4 de enero de 2009

Plasencia 2006

Betanzos. 2008

Feria de Betanzos. La Coruña.2008

Barcelona 08

Arte Bastardo. Trento. Italia. 2007

Paris. 2007

La Ribera. Bilbao. 2007

Pais Vasco, a unos 30 km de bilbao. 2007